2019 TARC Team Members
  • Delina A
  • Cathy C
  • Kaylin C
  • Maxine E
  • Ariel F
  • Rebekah H
  • Brooklyn J
  • Lauren J
  • Miranda J
  • Maitland K
  • Kiyomi K
  • Natalia K
  • Angelica L
  • Jessica L
  • Julia M
  • Jackie O
  • Alania O
  • Megan P
  • Lauren P
  • Nicolette R
  • Karina R
  • Izzy SM
  • Lili S
  • Emily S
  • Sarah T
  • Emily Y
  • Leilani Z
  • Celeste Z

  • R2G2

    Our team name, R2G2, stands for what we like to build: rockets and robots, and who we are: girls and gryphons (our school mascot).

    Past TARC member, Ali E, wrote an article in Sport Rocketry Magazine about the many doors of opportunity opened through her participation in TARC. The editor of Sport Rocketry Magazine gave us permission to post a copy of Ali's article, Rocketry: A Launchpad to Learning on our website. Ali is currently attending Stanford University.

    Thank you!
    Notre Dame Academy

    We are very appreciative of the time and expertise given to us by our NAR Mentor Fred Shecter of NAR Section 430.

    Here are links to places we purchase materials for the TARC Competition:

    Please send any comments or questions to: