How to Start a TARC Team

All you need is at least three students willing to learn how to build and launch model rockets in order to start a team.

The basics for forming a team are described in the TARC Handbook. What are you waiting for? Find a Launch Site near you!

2019 TARC Contest

The 2019 TARC Contest honors the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Students are tasked to build a model rocket that carries three raw hen eggs to an altitude of 856 feet, stays airborne for between 43 and 46 seconds, and returns the egg payload separately to the ground using two parachutes. The rocket must have a gross liftoff weight of no more than 650 grams, a minimum length of at least 650 millimeters, and be powered by commercial rocket motor(s) of class “F” or smaller with no more than 80 N-sec of total impulse across all motors.

2019 Rules

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